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 Road to #GLTHday:


AI and Law



As we approach GLTHday, the most anticipated legaltech event of the year, we're thrilled to invite you to relive Road to #GLTHday: Generative AI and Law, a webinar series in which top professionals from around the world explored the exciting world of Generative AI within the legal industry. 


Join us as we dive into various topics, uncovering the potential of this innovative technology and its impact on the legal landscape!

Generative AI


Law firms


GLTHtable: Introduction to Generative AI in Practice


Discover how this cutting-edge technology is reshaping the legal profession and business landscape and gain practical insights on its implementation.

GLTHtable: GenerativeAI: Getting Data Ready


Explore the crucial role of data preparation in leveraging Generative AI effectively. Uncover data enrichment strategies and navigate the intricate realm of data ownership and privacy in law.

GLTHtable: GenerativeAI: Legal Applications for Law Firms

Dive into the specific applications of Generative AI within law firms. Learn how it can streamline legal processes, enhance research capabilities, and revolutionize client service.